Marengo UTV Racks - Full Size Rear Rack

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Marengo Utility racks are made of premium grade aluminum and finished with a durable textured black powder coating. This style of rack gives you the extra storage space needed while leaving your bed open for your dog box or cooler. Extremely lightweight yet super strong, simple to assemble and install. Legs and accessories bolt on using carriage-head bolts with lock-nuts. Modular accessories make it possible to upgrade the functionality in the future, keeping your rack useful from season to season.

Shipping to the contiguous United States. Your rack will ship with legs and accessories detached. Quickly and easily assemble your rack within minutes using a standard 7/16" wrench or socket.

Don't see your UTV model? Need something different? We do custom builds. Contact us via or call our shop at (318)414-6032


***User is responsible for following UTV manufacturers guidelines. 

***Your UTV Utility Rack should be securely fastened to your UTV.  It should be inspected before each ride.